Celebrities Who Were Caught Cheating

Hollywood stars may seem above it all, but they're still human. So of course it's devastating to their relationships when famous people get caught cheating. Actors, directors, and athletes have all been busted for having affairs. Many celebrities have even been caught cheating multiple times.

Who is the most famous celebrity who was caught cheating? Jay-Z's infidelity became headline news when Beyonce's album Lemonade seemed to confirm the rapper had cheated. Tristan Thompson also caused quite the stir when it came out that he had cheated on the mother of his child, Khloe Kardashian, with Kylie Jenner's (former) best friend Jordyn Woods.

Some of the celebrities on this list were very literally caught in the act of cheating, and their dalliances were confirmed by paparazzi photos or confessions from the celebs themselves. Others, however, have never had their widely believed indiscretions confirmed.