Celebrities Who Got Caught Parking In Handicapped Spots

Celebrities aren't always shining examples of good behavior. Famous folks are frequently caught in comprising positions, whether they're casually shoplifting, spotted acting badly on planes, or being jerks in drive thrus. But parking in a handicapped spot? Surely even the most callous able-bodied celebrity wouldn't do that - right?

Unfortunately, some notable people seem to think they're entitled to any parking spot they want. These stars who illegally parked weren't thinking about any consequences, despite being in the public eye. Maybe fame has gone to their heads. Maybe they were in a rush. Or maybe they didn't see the large signs all over the spot. Whatever the reasoning behind their eyebrow-raising choice, it's a bad look to take a handicapped spot when you don't need it.

Some of these celebrities caught parking in handicapped spots were on the receiving end of an immediate backlash, while others were shamed online later. When it comes to cars and basic morals, these famous people who parked in handicapped spots are just like everyone else.