14 Celebrities Charged with Manslaughter

This is a list of celebrities charged with manslaughter, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Manslaughter is the term associated with killing a person in a way that is accidental, rather than the intentional motive prescribed to murder. Several celebrities have been charged with manslaughter, many of them for being involved in deadly car accidents. From famous actors, to musicians, to athletes, this list shows all those celebrities who have been charged with manslaughter.

Who is the most famous person charged with manslaughter? Matthew Broderick tops our list. The Ferris Bueller star was charged with vehicular manslaughter in 1987 after he was involved in a car accident that left two people dead. He was convicted of the lesser charge of reckless driving for the incident. In 1984, Vince Neil was charged with a DUI and vehicular manslaughter after he lost control of a car he was driving. Neil's passenger died in the crash.

There are celebrities on this list who have even served time for their crime. Charles S. Dutton, aka "Roc," was convicted of manslaughter in 1978 after he was involved in a fight that resulted in the death of a man. Consequently, he spent seven years in prison as his sentence, which shows that the notion that celebrities get away with more is not always true.

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