Famous People Describe What It's Like To Grow Up With An Alcoholic Parent

Celebrities have things easy in some respects; they're surrounded by glitz and glamour, they rarely lack money or financial security. In terms of more sinister subjects, though, A-listers struggle with some of the same issues that affect their fans. Alcoholism, for example, has destroyed countless families and even celebrity status can't protect a child whose parent struggles with the disease. Various celebrities have been able to use their platforms to talk about alcoholism and spread awareness about it because they've witnessed its detriment firsthand.

Many of those celeb tales feature parental abuse and eventual estrangement from the afflicted parent. Some of the more dire lead to irreparable tragedy, like in Charlize Theron’s case. Not all of these celeb-relayed stories end poorly. Kelly Osbourne actually forgives previously addicted Ozzy Ozbourne; she doesn't blame him for her own personal battle with substance abuse. 

Whether famous or not, children of alcoholics often suffer life-long scars that don't always heal. Unfortunately, some of those children will struggle with the same addictions that plague their predecessors but talking about one's pain can sometimes bring closure. Keep reading to learn about some celebrities' experiences with this very issue.