The First Facebook Cover Photos of Your Favorite Celebrities

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Facebook has come a long way since its launch in 2004. Back then you had a profile pic and a few key points about yourself. So it's natural that when the book started this whole cover photo thing it would take a few of us - and a few of our fav celebs - some time to catch up. 

The celebrities' first Facebook cover photos on this list are a blast from the past - and for some, it's a loooooong ago past - like prior to someone handling their social media kind of past (check out Kim K's). At the same time, it's kind of like looking through your old yearbook - terrifying, but also really, really fun. Some are downright hilarious - we're looking at you, James Franco and Seth Rogan. And some are kind of like. . . eh? (Justin Timberlake and Ruby Rose, we're talking about you).  

Take a look at our list of celebrity Facebook cover photos and vote up the first Facebook photos of famous celebs that you think are the coolest or at least the least embarrassing.