Celebrities Who Trolled Their Exes In The Most Hilarious And Brutal Ways

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Relationships are hard for anyone. If you live in the public glare of a 24/7 spotlight, relationships have an added pressure that we mere mortals really can't fathom, and that leads to some pretty nasty celebrity breakups. Fortunately for us, we don't have to live through that type of humiliation, but we can enjoy savage stories about celebrities who trolled their exes. In doing so, these celebs reiterate two very important points about human nature. One, that although they may be zillionaire superstars, they aren't immune to recrimination and vengeance. And, two, they prove once again that revenge is a dish best served cold… and brutal.

In some of these funny ways stars got back at their exes, they used their own creativity and chosen art form to instigate their revenge. In different cases, they thought outside the box and trolled in epic ways. And in others, they took the familiar but nonetheless still-delicious route of blasting their exes in public and in interviews.

Whether these tactics are in bad taste is in the eye of the beholder and beside the point. After all, we can find something to enjoy in each of these stories about how famous people troll their former partners. We might even learn a few tips along the way.