Which Hogwarts Houses Would Celebrities Be Sorted Into?

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Most Harry Potter fans have taken that Pottermore test, or one of the litany of quizzes that sort Muggles into Hogwarts houses. Everyone wants to know where they fit within the parameters of the four houses – the Sorting Ceremony is like an extremely fun version of a personality test. But what about famous HP fans? Sorting celebrities into Hogwarts houses can be an entertaining challenge.

Which Hogwarts houses would celebrities be in? Many spotlight-loving actors or actresses seem like surefire Gryffindors, swaggering daredevils who would be at home on the Quidditch pitch. But don't underestimate the strong Slytherin streak in many stars – achieving success takes ambition, after all.

Well, ask and ye shall receive. Here are some notable people, sorted into Hogwarts houses by their personality traits. Some of these celebs in Harry Potter houses might disagree with their choices – but they'll just have to take it up with the Sorting Hat.