14 Celebrities Who Were Left at the Altar

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Famous people who were dumped just before their weddings

It's the stuff of Hollywood screenplays: a man or woman left standing at the altar, jilted by someone to whom they were about to make the ultimate commitment. But even though the scenario has long been a favorite of screenwriters, several well-known actors, actresses, and musicians have actually lived it. Some of these celebrities remained friends with their exes, while others seem to wish their engagements never happened. Many famous people who were left at the altar were completely blindsided by their fiances.

The most famous face among celebrities who were left at the altar might be Jennifer Lopez. The superstar and her then-fiance Ben Affleck called off their wedding mere days before they were supposed to tie the knot. Many guests were reportedly on hand to personally witness the break-up. And actor Kiefer Sutherland might not have been surprised when Julia Roberts called off their wedding shortly before the ceremony, as he had been spotted hanging out with a go-go dancer in previous weeks. Roberts drove the nail into the coffin of the relationship by going on her honeymoon with Sutherland's Lost Boys co-star Jason Patric.

What other celebrity couples waited until the last minute to call off their weddings? Some of the famous exes on this list may surprise you.