Celebrities Who Were Mistaken For Each Other By The Media

Celebrity doppelgängers aren't unheard of. Stories of stars who were mistaken for each other often appear in magazines or on blogs, and everyone has a friend who is convinced they look just like Jennifer Lawrence/Audrey Hepburn/Zoe Saldana. And then there are celebrities who look exactly like people from history - who knows how that happens.

The media is not above confusing famous folks for one another. But when you have one job - correctly identifying a celebrity - it seems shocking to mess it up so badly. Nevertheless, embarrassing cases of celebrity mix ups keep happening. And surprise, surprise - the media seems to have an unwelcome habit of misidentifying stars of color. Whether those gaffes are caused by a website's social media team, a flustered red carpet host, or pure ignorance, no media outlet seems immune to celebrity cases of mistaken identity.