Celebrities You Never Realized Are Obsessed With Star Wars

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The Star Wars movies inspire an excitement and devotion among fans that is truly unparalleled in movie history. And while we've all seen countless images of enthusiasts lining up for blocks to see the latest installments or dressed up as their favorite characters, it can be easy to forget that the movies' fans come in all stripes: specifically, that there are famous people who love Star Wars, too. That's right, it's not just the everyday folks who geek out to these flicks; there are countless celebrities who are obsessed with Star Wars--and some of them may surprise you. The names on this list might not immediately make one think of sci-fi geekdom or lightsaber-wielding fanaticism, but the biggest celebrity Star Wars fans are also some of Hollywood's most accomplished and glamorous names. All of these celeb Star Wars fanatics prove that the legendary movies are truly universal and just may be one of the few things that unite all of us in an increasingly fractured world.

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