18 Celebrities Who Tried To Outlast On 'Survivor'

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(NO SPOILERS). Survivor is one of the most well-known reality game shows to ever grace primetime television. The show has been on since 2000, and over the years, nearly five hundred people have played Survivor. Among them, a handful of celebrities have tried their hand at outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting the rest in order to be crowned the sole Survivor. Here are some of our favorite celebrities who have played the game. (Watch Peridiam's video on the topic here).

  • Cliff Robinson
    Photo: Survivor: Cagayan / CBS

    Cliff Robinson was a former NBA player who played in 18 seasons starting in 1989. He competed on one of the show's most popular seasons Survivor: Cagayan where he was cast on the Brawn tribe. 

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    Lisa Whelchel
    Photo: Survivor: Philippines / CBS

    Lisa Whelchel is an actress, singer, and author known for playing Blair Werner in The Facts of Life. She appeared on Survivor: Philippines where she was able to keep her star identity a secret.

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  • Jonathan Penner
    Photo: Survivor: Micronesia / CBS

    Writer and actor Jonathan Penner made an incredible run on three seasons of Survivor. His adventure began in 2006 with Survivor: Cook Islands, and played for the last time in 2012 on the show's 25th season.

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    John Morrison
    Photo: Survivor: David vs. Goliath / CBS

    John Morrison is a professional wrestler who had an impressive career with the WWE. He played on Survivor: David vs. Goliath where he played a huge part in one of the most iconic tribal councils of all-time. 

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    Jeff Kent

    Jeff Kent
    Photo: Survivor: Philippines / CBS

    Jeff Kent is a former five-time All Star MLB player who played for sixteen years. He competed on the show's 25th season Survivor: Philippines where he showcased an impressive strategic performance. 

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    Mike White
    Photo: Survivor: David v.s Goliath / CBS

    Mike White is a writer, actor, and producer most known for writing School of Rock and Nacho Libre. A huge fan of the show, White played on Survivor: David vs. Goliath where he used his wit and knowledge of the game to become one of the best modern players.

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