17 Famous People Who Were Raised by Their Grandparents

Most people's grandparents dote upon them and spoil them because, hey, they're not the primary care givers. For these celebs, grandma and grandpa stepped in and acted as parents. Some of these celebrities were raised by the grandparents after their parents divorced, while others grew up thinking that their grandparents were actually their mom and dad.

Who is the most famous person who was raised by their grandparents? Oprah Winfrey tops our list. The talk show queen was raised by her grandmother from the time she was an infant until she was six years old. Carol Burnett was raised by her grandmother from an early age as well. Kellie Pickler was raised by her grandparents for most of her life. Her father was in and out of jail for much of her childhood, so this was the best option for her at the time. 

Several famous men have also been raised by their grandparents. Jack Nicholson was brought up by his grandparents, who he believed to be his parents. He learned that his sister was actually his mother as an adult. At age four, Pierce Brosnan was sent to live with his grandparents. After they passed away, he lived with other family members and at a boarding house.

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