Baseball The Best Celebrity Reactions to the Cubs Winning the World Series  

Jacob Shelton
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It took 108 years, but the Chicago Cubs finally won another World Series. Celebrity reactions to the Cubs win have been overwhelmingly positive, either because they’ve been lifelong fans or because everyone loves an underdog story. Some of the celebrities who tweeted about the Cubs win were honest about their lack of baseball knowledge, but that doesn’t take away from their ability to share in a special moment. Celebrities like Bill Murray and Vince Vaughn seemed more awestruck than anything else, as if they never thought they would see this moment. Murray was especially pumped as he took a champagne shower in the stands before heading to the locker room to interview the winning players.

It’s interesting to see how different celebrities react to the Cubs World Series win. For instance, famous historian Ken Burns, and chef and television star Anthony Bourdain have very different words of wisdom for the Cubs. Some stars could barely contain their enthusiasm, while others seemed bewildered at the spectacle of it all. Whether you’re from Chicago or not, you probably had similar reactions to the World Series win as most of the celebrities that we’ve included here. Vote up the celebrity reactions that make you want to root for the Cubs, and share your predictions for the next Chicago pennant win in the comments. 

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Bill Murray: Happiest Man on Earth

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Bob Newhart Will Never Be Too Old

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Back to the Future Really Needs to Chill with All the Predictions

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Why Is John Cusack So Cool?

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