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Here's a List of Every Known Republican Celebrity

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List RulesMust have shown or mentioned in interviews public support for Republican candidates or conservative causes at some point in career.

Conservative celebrities - this list of Republican celebrities has over 400 celebrities who are Republicans. What celebrities are Republicans, you ask? Celebs from all walks of fame are down with the GOP: conservative stars, athletes, musicians, writers, other famous conservatives - even Republican artists. While people normally think that Hollywood is very liberal, this list shows that there are plenty of conservative republicans in the entertainment industry. Basically all Republican celebrity supporters. This right wing celebrities list includes photos and bio info. Celebrity conservatives are listed alphabetical by first name and you can sort by any column. You might also want to check out Famous Libertarians.

This list includes both conservative celebs who have declared themselves to be full-fledged Republicans, as well as celebrities who have at one point publicly supported a Republican candidate or candidates. Most of the info on right wing celebrities is courtesy of
This list is made up from all the famous republicans who make up the entertainment industry. So, if you're wondering who the Republican actors are, as well as any other type of celebrity, you can find them below.

  • Rush Hudson Limbaugh III ( January 12, 1951 – February 17, 2021) was an American radio talk...  more
  • Ronald Reagan

    Dec. at 93 (1911-2004)
    Ronald Wilson Reagan (; February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004) was an American politician who served...  more
  • Charlton Heston

    Dec. at 85 (1923-2008)
    Charlton Heston (born John Charles Carter; October 4, 1923 – April 5, 2008) was an American...  more
  • James Stewart

    Dec. at 89 (1908-1997)
    James Maitland Stewart (May 20, 1908 – July 2, 1997) was an American actor and military...  more
  • Elvis Presley

    Dec. at 42 (1935-1977)
    Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977), also known mononymously as Elvis, was...  more
  • Ann Hart Coulter (; born December 8, 1961) is an American far-right media pundit, syndicated...  more
  • Ted Nugent

    Age: 71
    Theodore Anthony Nugent (; born December 13, 1948) is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist...  more
  • Sean Patrick Hannity (born December 30, 1961) is an American talk show host and conservative...  more
  • Freddie Dalton Thompson (August 19, 1942 – November 1, 2015) was an American politician,...  more
  • Here's a complete Arnold Schwarzenegger movies list. Pretty impressive to think he was a governor and an actor at the same time.
  • Patrick Joseph Buchanan (; born November 2, 1938) is an American paleoconservative political...  more
  • Randall Hank Williams (born May 26, 1949), known professionally as Hank Williams Jr., or...  more
  • Gary Alan Sinise (born March 17, 1955) is an American actor, director, musician, and...  more
  • Adam Richard Sandler (born September 9, 1966) is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter,...  more
  • Gene Klein (born Chaim Witz on August 25, 1949), known professionally as Gene Simmons, is an...  more
  • Sonny Bono

    Dec. at 63 (1935-1998)
    Salvatore Phillip "Sonny" Bono (; February 16, 1935 – January 5, 1998) was an American...  more
  • Merv Griffin

    Dec. at 82 (1925-2007)
    Mervyn Edward Griffin Jr. (July 6, 1925 – August 12, 2007) was an American television host and...  more
  • Michael Alan Weiner (born March 31, 1942), better known by his professional name Michael...  more
  • Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American politician who served as the 45th...  more
  • Kid Rock

    Age: 49
    Robert James Ritchie (born January 17, 1971), known professionally as Kid Rock, is an American...  more
  • Jon Voight

    Age: 81
    Jonathan Vincent Voight (; born December 29, 1938) is an American actor. He is the winner of...  more
  • Hank Williams

    Dec. at 30 (1923-1953)
    Hiram King "Hank" Williams (September 17, 1923 – January 1, 1953) was an American...  more
  • David Scott Mustaine (born September 13, 1961) is an American guitarist, singer, songwriter,...  more
  • Kathleen Marie Ireland (born March 20, 1963) is an American model and actress, turned author...  more
  • Jack Kemp

    Dec. at 74 (1935-2009)
    Jack French Kemp (July 13, 1935 – May 2, 2009) was an American politician and a professional...  more