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Stories of Celebrities Who Are Awful To Their Assistants

Working as a celebrity assistant can be awesome. You get great perks and incredible access to famous stars. It's definitely a dream job, right? Wrong. Especially after hearing these stories of celebrities who are awful to their assistants.

Celebrity assistants don't live the glamorous lives we all think they do. Sure, they get to hang around celebs all the time, but that comes at an extreme expense. Take Lady Gaga's assistant, for example. She claims to have slept in the same bed as the pop icon just in case Gaga needed anything in the middle of the night. Still, that's not as bad as Taryn Manning's assistant, who allegedly got beat up by the Orange is the New Black star. Then there's Naomi Campbell's assistant, who reportedly had a phone thrown at her by the supermodel. Yikes!

All of the celebrity assistant stories on this list prove that being around a star 24/7 is not what it's cracked up to be. In fact, it might just be the thing that cracks a person. Literally. Christian Bale's ex-assistant received treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder after splitting from the star. 

So before you consider submitting your resume for a personal assistant gig, consider these stories of celebrities who are awful to their assistants. You might just reconsider.