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50 Celebrities Who Have Sung In Movies

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Nowadays, becoming a star requires the total package. Acting, dancing, singing: if you want to see your name up in lights, you've got to be able to do it all. Which is why many of your favorite celebrities have gone above and beyond just perfecting their acting talents. These amazing stars have tested out their vocal chops in big movie roles.

Sure, plenty of professional singers have nailed it on the big and small screen, but we're talking about movie stars who are first and foremost actors. Some, like Crazy Heart’s Jeff Bridges, have had successful side-careers as musicians, releasing multiple albums and touring the world. Some actors, like Hugh Jackman, were critically acclaimed on Broadway before making it in movies. Others, like Emmy Rossum, are classically trained singers who found their real home on the big screen.

But perhaps the most impressive singing celebs are those that surprised audiences everywhere with their vocal power. Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Chris Pine in Into the Woods, Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You. These are all famous actors who have sung in movies and done an absolutely amazing job.

Which actor's impressive voice surprised you the most? Was it Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line? Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine? Or Will Ferrell in Stranger than Fiction?

Check out the full list of celebrities who can sing, and vote for the actor with the best voice here.

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