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24 Pictures of Celebrities Caught Sleeping

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Though they may look glamorous every time you see them on the screen or onstage, the truth is that being a celebrity is pretty exhausting. Between long days on set, public appearances, and crazy tour schedules, stars learn pretty quickly that sometimes you’ve gotta grab some shut eye on the fly. Need proof? Here is a collection of pictures of famous people sleeping, many of which were snapped and sent out into cyber space by their co-stars, band mates, or significant others.

Here you’ll see celebrities sleeping everywhere from in a furniture store to in the middle of the airport. You’ll also get a look at some of your favorite stars’ cuddle buddies, which range from cute dogs to adorably random stuffed animals. So the next time you catch yourself thinking of celebrities as an elite class of super humans, rest assured they are not (pun intended).

These pictures of celebrities asleep are a refreshing reminder that when they’re not surrounded by hair and make-up artists, famous people are just normal folks. Of course, they do have a ton of money and an arsenal of people to hide the bags under their eyes, but still...