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Celebrities That Divorced After Age 50

Updated July 24, 2019 1.8k views24 items

Several celebrities have proven that divorce after 50 can be a messy affair. Others seem to sever their late-life loves with more ease. Some famous people who were married (and divorced) after 50 had prenuptial agreements in place while others had to pay millions in divorce settlements to their exes. This list has information on the divorces oflongterm Hollywood couples as well as the most surprising breakups.

Which celebrities divorced at age 50? Madonna had just reached her fifth decade when she divorced Guy Ritchie in 2008. The forty-year-old Ritchie was reportedly granted $92 million in the divorce settlement. They'd only been married eight years, but their settlement and time together pale in comparison to the dissolution of actor Mel Gibson's 30-year marriage to Robyn Moore. That happened when he was 55. Gibson had to pay a settlement of $425 million in their divorce in 2012. Other famous people who dealt with divorce after age 50 include Elizabeth Taylor, Morgan Freeman, Jeff Bezos, and Robin Williams.

One of the more surprising divorces was Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith. They had been married for almost 20 years when they split. The celebrity divorce rate probably won’t surprise most readers, but what about those who decide to take on marriage after 50? 

Are you surprised that there are so many celebrities who are 50 and divorced (or older)? With a high national divorce rate, it seems that even the rich and famous aren't guaranteed a happily ever after. Check out this list to see which celebrities divorced after 50, loosely ranked by how old they were when they ended their marriage.