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Celebrities Who Turned 18 in 2019

Updated January 3, 2020 23.1k views17 items

UPDATED: Check out the celebrities turning 18 in 2020!

Born in the first year of the new century, several famous people celebrated their 18th birthdays in 2019. Young actors, pop singers and social media stars all joined the list of famous 18 year olds. Some eighteen year old celebrities are starting to look like sophisticated adults, while other famous people who are 18 have baby faces that reflect their youth. Even though they're so young, some of these young actresses and actors have already built up an impressive resume of work and we're excited to see where they'll go.

Who turned 18 in 2019? Ty Simpkins celebrated his 18th birthday on August 6 this year. Simpkins already appeared in some of the biggest films in the world, including Jurassic World and Iron Man 3. Rowan Blanchard is also legally able to vote in 2019.

Stranger Things actor Caleb McLaughlin – who has also appeared on Broadway – celebrated 18 years of life on October 13. Other famous people born in 2001 include David Mazouz, Jackson Brundage, and Billie Eilish.