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Celebrities Who Turned 18 In 2020

Updated December 30, 2020 34.4k views22 items

UPDATED: Check out the celebrities turning 18 in 2021!

The kids are... well, not quite kids anymore. Famous actors born in 2002 turned into 18 year old stars in 2020. These 18 year old celebrities are finally considered legal adults, even though many still play young teens in movies and on television. They're able to vote, buy lotto tickets, and join the military. Well, they may not do the last one, since they're so busy being actors, actresses, singers, etc. 

Several young actors had their 18th birthdays in the year 2020, just in time for a new decade. Multiple Stranger Things cast members turned 18, including Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, and Sadie Sink. While we're on the subject of retro supernatural horror, Sophia Lillis, who plays Beverly in the It franchise, is one of the 18 year old celebs in 2020. The year 2020 saw a host of your favorite child stars becoming 18 year old actors and actresses.

Read the rest of the list below to see any former child stars are now celebrities who are 18.