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Celebrities Turning 30 In 2021

December 30, 2020 1.6k views35 items

Celebrities that were born in 1991 (aka 90s kids) will be making the transition from their twenties to their thirties next year. These actors, musicians, and athletes are about to join the list of celebrities that are 30. This past decade has been extremely busy for these stars, and now they're about to enter a whole new chapter of life.

Some of the soon to be 30 year old actresses on this list include Shailene Woodley, Emma Roberts, and Bonnie Wright. All three have been acting from a young age. In fact, Woodley was only four when she began modeling, and Wright was only nine when she accepted the role of Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Other living celebrities born in 1991 include singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, who broke through with his single "The A Team," and Louis Tomlinson, who rose to fame as a member of boy band One Direction. You'll also find popular rappers such as Tyler, the Creator and Azalea Banks below. Wondering what celebrity you like is turning 30?

Keep reading to find out more about the list of actors that are turning 30 in 2021. Are you surprised to see any of these names on this list?