Celebrities Turning 50 in 2016 

Evan Lambert
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For normal people, turning 50 means grudgingly entering the next decade of middle age. It means grown children, or a looming retirement, or major eye bags. It means aching limbs or impotence. It means Viagra.

For celebrities, on the other hand, it means literally nothing. Celebrities who are 50 are usually just as hot as when they were younger, and are generally characterized by a lack of normal problems. Sure, 50-year-old celebrities might have a wrinkle here or there, but they're otherwise 100% carefree. (Or at least that's what we say to ourselves, since all celebrities are obviously perfect specimens and ideal versions of humanity.)

Thankfully, some of the celebrities turning 50 in 2016 are pretty rough-looking. This is a nice reminder that famous 50-year-olds can be just as hideous and miserable as us over the hill normals. (You will definitely be surprised by Sinead O'Connor and Stephen Baldwin.) This also makes us feel better about our own not-so-glamorous lives.

For your pleasure and pain, we've assembled the following list of 49 famous people who turn 50 in 2016. (Get it? There are 49 of them because they're all 49 right now.) Enjoy it and witness firsthand the magic of plastic surgery and million dollar nutrition plans! (Or lack thereof! AHEM, Sinead O'Connor.) Don't forget to check out the list of celebrities turning 50 in 2017!