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Celebrities Who Turned 65 in 2019

Updated 3 Jan 2020 6.4k views31 items

UPDATED: Check out the celebrities turning 65 in 2020!

Several famous people celebrated their 65th birthdays in 2019. Iconic directors, pop stars, and top athletes all joined the list of famous 65 year olds. Many sixty-five-year-old celebrities are at the top of their game both personally and professionally, even if they're now officially at retirement age. A couple more candles aren't going to stop these 65-year-old actors and actresses.

Who turned 65 in 2019? Oprah Winfrey celebrated her 65th birthday this year. The media mogul has been among the most powerful women in entertainment for decades. Denzel Washington also turned 65 this year, which hasn't stopped him from acting in action films like The Equalizer 2.

What's the deal with growing older? Jerry Seinfeld surely has a few, new hilarious observations after turning 65 in 2019. Other celebrities who enjoyed a 65th birthday in 2019 include John Travolta, Howard Stern, and Annie Lennox.

Did any of your favorite celebrities turn 65 in 2019? Take a look at this list and find out.