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Celebrities Turning 65 In 2020

Updated January 7, 2021 5.9k views34 items
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UPDATED: Check out the celebrities turning 65 in 2021!

Famous people born in 1955 turn 65 in 2020. Ever wonder which actors and actresses will be 65 year old celebrities in 2020? You've come to the right place. Some of the names on here may surprise you, like Kris Jenner — she looks amazing for a 65 year old.

The group of celebrities born in 1955 is made up of successful people from all disciplines. There's a mix of actors, businesspeople, TV hosts, and musicians, all with one thing in common — they're halfway through their 60s. While some are undoubtedly retired, others show no sign of slowing down any time soon. Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton are a few of the actors born in 1955. Other famous people who are 65 include Billy Idol, J.K. Simmons, and Jeff Daniels. Rowan Atkinson and Michael Rooker are both 65 year old actors, too. They're in good company with actresses born in 1955, like Julie Hagerty.

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