Celebrities W/ Dishes Named After Them at Dan Tana's

Dan Tana's history is not just in the walls but on the menu. Dan Tana's restaurant, in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard, is an "Old Hollywood" institution. A number of old-school celebs or prominent entertainment industry execs have dishes named after them. I don't know the exact details behind what it takes to get a dish named after you there, and certainly a lot of the dudes on this list aren't household names, (and Rick Hilton ain't no "Connie" Hilton), but God Bless Old Hollywood regardless.

Dan Tana's is definitely one of my favorite places to eat; I'm personally partial to the Veal Scallopine Karl Malden (RIP) and the Veal Scallopine Florentine James Woods (please don't hate me animal lovers I swear it's a once in a year pleasure and i don't own furs).