Celebrities Who Were Caught Actually Wearing a Fedora  

Jacob Shelton
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Is there any other fashion scourge as terrible as fedoras? If you're not sure what a fedora is imagine what a ukulele would look like if it were a hat. Got it? Good. Now you're ready to take a look at these cringe-worthy pictures of celebrities in fedoras.

Judging from these nightmarish photos of stars stepping out on the town in the world’s worst hat, it's clear that celebrities can be confident even when they look like complete dorks. You'll never be able to look at your favorite singers and movie stars again after you check out this sad-tastic collection of famous people in fedoras.

There’s no use in lying, we’ve all tried to wear a fedora at least once. But most of us have realized that the tiny hat meant for hobos and sad clowns looks good on no one (except 1940s movie stars). For some reason, celebrities feel like they can get away with wearing a fedora with zero consequences. Will they never learn? From massive pop stars like Taylor Swift to OGs like Ice Cube, no one looks good in a fedora.