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Who Was the Most Attractive Actor at 25 Years Old?

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We managed to scrape the barrel of the Internet and find these shocking and hilarious photos of all of our favorite actors when they were just 25 years old. Comparing these images to their current, Photoshopped selves, it's funny to see the resemblance and see how far each celeb has come. Some, such as Jason Statham, who was a diver, had very different jobs, while others, such as Christopher Walken and Christopher Lee, were just starting their acting careers with no idea how successful they would be.

Click through the list below and see which famous actors show the most resemblance, or - in some cases - the least, to their current day selves, and upvote the hottest 25-year-olds here. Although many may think that age is an actor's worst nightmare, in many cases, fresh, plump boys transform themselves into rugged, wise men. And who could argue with that? Not even Hollywood.