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14 Celebrities Who Adopted as Single Mothers

This list includes information about celebrities who adopted as single mothers, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several celebrities have adopted children with their significant others, but a few famous ladies actually adopted as single mothers. Some of these women started the adoption process with what turned out to be their soon to be ex-husbands, while others went through the entire process on their own.

Who is the most famous person who adopted as a single mother? Angelina Jolie tops this list. In 2002, she adopted her son, Maddox, as a single mother. She then adopted her daughter Zahara in 2005. Her partner, Brad Pitt, later adopted both children. As a couple, Jolie and Pitt adopted their son Pax in 2007. They also have three biological children, Shiloh (born in 2006), and twins Knox and Vivienne (born in 2008).

Do you think that these women are brave for adopting as single mothers? Have you adopted a child? Share your thoughts in the comments section.