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Celebs Who Are More Attractive Than Their Adult Children

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Good looks are pretty important in Hollywood, so it shouldn't be a surprise that celebrities sometimes get compared to their own offspring in terms of attractiveness. Sometimes, of course, famous people age gracefully and give up the spotlight to their children - but that's no fun. What really gets us is when a celebrity ages so well and stays so charming that he (or she) ends up surpassing his/her kid in the sexiness department. It's always fun to compare celebrity dads to their sons and celebrity moms to their daughters.

This list of celebrities who are hotter than their kids has everyone from supermodels to Academy Award-winning actors to reality stars, but all of these beautiful people have one thing in common: red-hot hotness levels. Not all celebrities pass on their good genes and hot looks to the next generation. Many of these celebrity children are making names for themselves in their own right, but none of them has managed to pass their famous parents in the looks department. So vote up the hottest celebrity parents below, those famous moms and dads who are definitely better looking and sexier than their children.