21 Celebrities Who Are Picky Eaters

Broccoli is gross. Pizza is great. And in a perfect world, ice cream would be a super food. Because celebrities are so focused on staying thin and fit, you'd think their eating habits would be all about staying healthy. But that's not always the case. Just like us normal folks, there are tons of celebrities who are picky eaters. (And a ton with some pretty weird eating habits.)

From the mildly out-of-ordinary (like Drew Barrymore's vegetarian diet) to the absolutely crazy (like how Nicolas Cage chooses food based on how the animals have sex), so many stars are weirdly particular about their meals. Then again, maybe these celebrity picky eaters have cracked the code to success. And maybe that code is an obsession with Coca-Cola. Both Karl Lagerfeld and Warren Buffet are known to drink excessive amounts of the soda.
Okay, so maybe they aren't picky... maybe they just have weird eating habits. For example, Steve Jobs allegedly used to go weeks just eating apples (seriously), and Mariah Carey once spent weeks eating only purple foods.

How do your eating habits compare? Check out the list of famous people who are picky eaters to find out!