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26 Celebrities Who Are Quakers

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List RulesThis list includes celebrities who were raised Quakers, as well as those currently practicing.

Hearing about Quaker people might make you think of the olden days, thanks to Ben Franklin, but there are actually a good amount of celebrities who are modern Quakers. This list contains information about celebrities who are Quakers, loosely ranked by fame and popularity.

Quakerism is a predominantly Christian faith, which promotes freedom and pacifism. Several famous actors, musicians, and politicians are Quakers. Some of these celebs are only Quakers through ancestry, while others still practice the faith today.

Who is the most famous person who is a Quaker? Zooey Deschanel tops this list. The New Girl actress has Quaker heritage on her father's side, and one of her ancestors was an abolitionist. Rebel Without a Cause star James Dean was raised in a Quaker home by his aunt, Ortense, and her husband, Marcus Winslow, from the time he was nine years old.

Richard Nixon is another of the famous quakers. His fathered converted to the religion and raised his son with the same values. We know Bonnie Raitt is a passionate Quaker, because she wrote about her Quaker faith in an editorial for O Magazine. Other notable women who are Quakers include Judi Dench and Joan Baez.