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15 Celebrities Who Are Total Slytherins

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In the Harry Potter series, Hogwarts's Sorting Hat places new students into one of four different houses. It traditionally reads the minds of those wearing it and identifies their key qualities, placing them in the house whose members best personify those characteristics. Most of the antagonists in the Harry Potter series - Tom Riddle (AKA Voldemort), Draco Malfoy, and even Severus Snape - belonged to Slytherin.

Famous folks love sorting themselves into one of the four fictional houses; in fact, there are tons of celebrities who are total Slytherins. Each possesses traits typified by Slytherins, ones that can be good or bad, depending on they are used. Who are these famous people who would be sorted into Slytherin? 

For example, musicians Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj possess the Slytherin trait of being ambitious, hard workers. Other stars who belong in Slytherin, like Kris Jenner or Donald Trump, long thirsted for power and thrust themselves into our lives in unwelcome ways. Let's dive deep into discussions of which celebs are Slytherins and why.

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    Pop princess Ariana Grande might seem super-sweet, but she has a darker side. On Twitter, Ari reported that a quiz on Pottermore - the Harry Potter fan website - sorted her into Slytherin and she was fine with it. What qualities does Ms. Grande present that could make her a Slytherin? She's hard-working, but definitely strays toward the nicer side (since she clearly cares about others).

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    • After her snake-filled "Look What You Made Me Do" video hit the internet in 2017, there can be no doubt that controversial pop star Taylor Swift would be a Slytherin. After all, the house's founder, Salazar Slytherin, was a Parseltongue (he could speak to serpents) and one such snake resided in the Chamber of Secrets. Besides her associations with actual snakes, Swift's manipulative and dishonest ways are giving off major Malfoy vibes. 

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      • Kris Jenner is the ultimate momager, single-handedly turning a PR disaster (the release of daughter Kim's sex tape) into a brilliant opportunity (a reality show and subsequent empire). Her ambition put her family's lives under the microscope, ruining relationships and turning real people into obnoxious rich folks. She allegedly has placed lots of pressure on her kids to always look their best and be in the public eye, all in the name of making money.

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        • Nicki Minaj's hit single "Anaconda" clearly has serpentine ties, but is she a true Slytherin? Ms. Minaj is a clear leader in her field, a trailblazer for women in music, and proud of her talents. This self-confidence identifies her with some Slytherins, but perhaps that might make her a bit like Harry Potter himself, who went into Gryffindor, but whom the Sorting Hat almost put into Slytherin.

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