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Celebrities Who Believe in Conspiracy Theories

Celebrities who believe in conspiracies range from devout 9/11 truthers to those who think the US government is exterminating African Americans and slaying other celebrities. They usually use their fame to espouse their theories, giving interviews, discussing these conspiracies on talk shows, and posting all over social media.

Some of the conspiracies these celebrity truthers believe are truly wild. Beyond standard-issue moon landing and "fire can't melt steel" conspiracies, celebrities have talked about chemtrails harming citizens; the Earth being flat; famous people being being stalked, cloned, or slain; and the New World Order taking control of civilization. Some conspiracy theories stretch back decades or even centuries — but haven't stayed hidden, thanks to the efforts of these celebrity sleuths.

Here are some prominent celebrities that believe in conspiracy theories, along with footage of them spouting at length, when available.