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30+ Celebrities Who Believe in Ghosts  

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This list contains information about celebrities who believe in ghosts, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous actors, musicians, athletes, and politicians believe in ghosts. Some of these famous people encountered spirits in their childhood homes, while others had ghostly encounters as adults. One celebrity even claims to have had a sexual experience with a ghost.

Who is the most famous person who believes in ghosts? Miley Cyrus tops our list. In 2013, Miley Cyrus said that she saw ghosts in her London apartment. She told Elle Magazine, "I thought I had seen a little boy sitting on the sink watching me take a shower so I felt really freaked out. I was sitting there the next night and maybe I’m crazy, but I could have sworn I could see this little boy sitting there on the sink, kicking his feet."

In 2004, Anna Nicole Smith explained her ghostly encounter. "A ghost would crawl up my leg and have sex with me at an apartment a long time ago in Texas," she said. "I used to think it was my boyfriend, and one day I woke up and it wasn't." After filming the movie Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, Halle Berry claimed that she was visited by the ghost of the dead actress.

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Courtney Love is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 30+ Celebrities Who Believe in Ghosts
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Courtney Love was asked if she had ever seen a ghost, by actor Josh Boone, for a piece in Interview Magazine. She said she'd seen Kurt Cobain (with whom she shared daughter Frances Bean) after moving to Hancock Park in Seattle with then-boyfriend Edward Norton. 

"I saw Kurt in a chair for a moment and he said hi to me and then he left," she told the magazine. 

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Lily Collins is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 30+ Celebrities Who Believe in Ghosts
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Lily Collins said that she was visited by the ghosts of the victims of serial killer Ted Bundy while preparing for her role in 2019's Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. The actress said she would wake up every night at 3:05am, after which she would go downstairs and have a cup of tea to try to figure out what had woken her. 

“I discovered that 3am is the time when the veil between the realms is the thinnest and one can be visited,” Lily said. “I didn’t feel scared – I felt supported. I felt like people were saying: 'We’re here listening. We’re here to support. Thank you for telling the story,'" Lily said of the visitors.

In 2013, Lily Collins claimed that she met a ghost while staying on location in Ireland. She told Jimmy Fallon, "I felt a rush of air across my body and I heard all these doors slamming, like fire doors – the ones you don’t hear opening, but then the air – it closes. Three of them – and there were three doors outside my room.”

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When Ellen asked Bill Hader to tell her his rumored ghost story on The Ellen Showhe openly admitted that at a hotel in Ohio he met some spooky circumstances.

He starts by describing a potted plant that was mysteriously knocked over in the night. Next he noticed the sink had been filled to the brim though the faucet was off. When he asked the hotel staff about the odd encounter, they simply explained that his room was haunted. 

Considering the unnecessary inconveniences caused by the alleged ghost, Hader suspects his visitor was a cat. 

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Olivia Newton-John is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 30+ Celebrities Who Believe in Ghosts
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In her memoir, Don't Stop Believin'Newton-John opens up about her "spirit guides" who hover around her on stage and give her the strength to perform to the best of her ability. 

She says her family and friends, including Karen Carpenter and John Denver, are always around, supporting her in the public eye. 

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