13 Celebrities Who Broke Up While One Was Pregnant

Breakups are hard, but they're even harder when there's a third person - specifically, a baby - involved. And if you add fame into the equation, the situation becomes that much more intense. While it definitely helps that celebrities have visibility and riches on their side when they're divorcing or splitting up, it's still traumatic for anyone to break up in the middle of a pregnancy. But a number of celebrity couples broke up while pregnant. Surprised? Read on to see who found themselves in this painful situation.

Many of these famous men seemed to run for the hills as soon as they found out their partner was pregnant, but others were just as shocked as the public when their relationship with their pregnant partners ended. As it turns out, the list of famous pregnant couples who broke up includes men and women ending relationships at a truly dramatic time.

If you're currently suffering the pangs of heartache, it might make you feel better to know that the list of celebrities who broke up while pregnant includes everyone from supermodels to award-winning TV stars. Scroll through this list of pregnant celebrities who got broken up with - and count your blessings!