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Celebrities Who Came Out In 2019

Updated February 6, 2020 16.1k views16 items

UPDATED: Check out the celebrities who came out in 2020

From famous models to actors to musicians, plenty of stars came out as gay, queer, bisexual, pansexual, and more in 2019. Even as some things grow more difficult for LGBTQ+, other aspects of the world have become more and more supportive, paving the way for these 2019 celebrity coming out stories. Not only is it better for celebs to be living their best and truest life, coming out publicly can be very powerful. Diversity may be on the rise across television, movies, and other mediums, but there are still many people who feel their experience is not touched on as often as it could be.

The stories below helped many other LGBTQ+ people feel more accepted and represented in the media. Here, you'll find a chronological list of people who came out this year with the most recent celebs to come out listed first. If you're curious to learn about more celebrities who came out in 2019, browse the list below!