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You're Seeing Double: Celebrities Who Cloned Themselves

Everyone knows celebrities can be cuckoo bananas, but did you know that they also have access to biological technology unavailable to the rest of us plebs? The latest in celeb fads: cloning. Here is a list of famous people who have literally cloned themselves by copying their own DNA and creating new people. Don't believe it? The proof is in the pudding, sirs. Just take a look at these snaps of celeb "children" compared to their famous "parents." Is that a pre-teen Reese Witherspoon sulking in the schoolyard? Nope, it is her clone, a brand new second person that everyone has agreed to call "Ava Elizabeth Phillippe." Were you watching Fargo and trying to place the young policeman, but feeling a little nutso because who is that guy? Don't worry - it is just the clone of Oscar-winner Tom Hanks. This new fella's name is Colin, and he is an actor, too, wouldn't you know it.

Why is cloning so popular in Hollywood / the entertainment industry? Well, stars are just like us. They want their kids to succeed - and they are already famous, so why not make sure the apple falls pretty close to the tree? Also, it's a safer bet to swirl some DNA around in a dish, Gattaca-style (ahem Uma Thurman) than to roll the dice and risk mixing genes with a second parent. With a star's own identical genetic information, hot looks, sparkling personalities, je nais se quoi, and Tinsel Town connections, each of these cloned precious angels is sure to be a smash hit - even if it is not exactly one-of-a-kind.

Clones. What do you think about the celebrity trend of playing God creating mini-mes and genetically identical lookalikes? Voice your educated opinions in the Comments.