These Celebs Do Their Own Makeup And Here Are Some Of Their Go-To Beauty Tips

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Stars always have the best of the best as far as glam squads go, but many celebs have opted out of having help and are now doing their own makeup.

Whether they crave normalcy or just trust their own hand, they are, in their own way, old pros themselves. Think about it—before they became big they had to look their best to impress countless agents, casting directors and fashion designers along the way to get where they are today. Their game is now so good that some have their own makeup lines, and the ones that don't still offer pretty solid tips as far as application and product.

You may be surprised at who is shunning their squad to have a more natural look, on and off the red carpet. Who of the celebrities below do you think has a knack for makeup application and who do you think is just "winging" it? Vote for your favorite below!


  • Zendaya's Amazing Makeup Looks Are All Hers
    Photo: Instagram

    There's no doubt singer, dancer, and actress Zendaya has a lot of talent - and that includes makeup skills. She consistently does her own makeup for red carpet events, and has even showcased her makeup skills on Instagram.

    Her secret weapon is Aquaphor. She applies the ointment to her lips for extra shine and to her cheekbones to finish off her highlight.  

    • Category: Dancer
  • Ariana Grande Gets Up Close And Personal To Apply Her Makeup
    Photo: larryfisherman / Instagram

    In December 2016, Mac Miller shared a photo on Instagram of the girlfriend he was missing while out on the road. 

    In it, Ariana Grande is shown applying her own makeup while perched on the bathroom counter with her feet in the sink to get that oh-so-close view for precise application. 

    When she's not perfecting her winged eyeliner or applying her favorite false eyelashes, she stresses the importance of skincare. Her favorite skincare product is coconut oil which she not only applies to her face but also her body and hair. 

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  • Blake Lively Opts For A Quick And Natural Look
    Photo: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

    Blake Lively is a pro at keeping her makeup regimen short and sweet. When she's not on the red carpet, she says:  

    "I just normally wear sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, and nothing else really. I also like to have a light lipstick in my purse, just a kiss of color [that] I'll blot on my cheeks and eyelids. I learned that from a make-up artist years ago. You take blush and put it on your cheeks, on the tip of your nose, and wherever your parting is, as that's where you get the most sun. That way it never looks like blush, it looks like the warmth [is] showing up on your skin asymmetrically. Not like makeup."

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  • Shakira Believes Less Is More When It Comes To Makeup
    Photo: Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images

    It's long been rumored that "Hips Don't Lie" songstress Shakira does her own makeup. She set the record straight back in 2014 when asked if she could relay any tricks on how to get her flawless look. She revealed

    "I usually wear a natural color on my lips and accent my eyes. I feel like the less makeup I use, the better I look. After so many years in front of the camera, sometimes, I think I look better now than ten years ago when I wore so much! It’s important to let your own skin shine through."

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