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Celebrities Who Don't Know Who Their Fathers Are

Updated May 15, 2019 33.6k views14 items

Navigating the world without the guiding hand of your dad is hard enough, but it’s especially hard if you’re trying to find your way in the cutthroat world of Hollywood. These celebrities who don’t know who their fathers are have had to do just that. Several famous actors, musicians and athletes do not know their dads. Some of these celebrities know their dads' names, but they have not met them, while others don’t have the first clue about their fathers' identities.

Of all the fatherless celebrities, who is the most famous person who doesn't know their dad? Marilyn Monroe tops our list. Monroe never really knew who her dad was, but Martin "Eddie" Mortensen is believed to be her biological father. Todd Rundgren is listed as the father on Liv Tyler's birth certificate. Over 10 years later, she learned that Steven Tyler was really her biological father.

To this day, Jack Nicholson does not know the identity of his father. Raised by his grandparents, Nicholson didn't know that his sister was really his mother until he was an adult. Eric Clapton never met his biological father, who died in 1985. He wrote the song "My Father's Eyes" as a way to work through his thoughts about the situation.

This list does not include celebrities whose fathers died or abandoned them at a young age, since the identities of those fathers were known, despite the fact that they weren’t around. Are you surprised that so many famous people do not know their dads at all? Share your thoughts in the comments section.