Celebrities Who Dropped Big News on Talk Shows

Usually celebrities on talk shows are only making an appearance to talk about their new movie, or maybe an autobiography that they’re releasing, but sometimes stars let down their guards and reveal something about themselves that’s truly interesting and revealing. Charlie Sheen did this in 2015 to reveal that he is HIV-positive, and also to get out from under an alleged blackmail scheme surrounding his illness.

Celebrity gossip on talk shows is usually made up of silly anecdotes that exist to make the star seem likable, but when a celeb drops a bombshell the way Sheen did it serves to remind the viewing public that stars are more like us than we realize, and that they’re sometimes dealing with very real problems. This list of celebrities that dropped big news during a talk show appearance is full of wild stories, and admissions that will change the way you see these celebrities forever.

Occasionally, when stars are going to make an admission on a chat show, the episode is publicized in a way that can seem calculated. But sometimes getting the most eyes on celebrity talk show appearances can be important. When Ellen came out in 1997 and tied in that announcement with an Oprah interview, it was probably the right thing to do.

Many of the celebrities on this list of stars who dropped big news at talk shows are equally as brave, so read on to hear their stories and admissions.