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75+ Celebrities Who Fight for Animal Rights

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Many famous actors, musicians, and professional athletes fight for animal rights. Some are board members of organizations like the Sea Shepard Conservation Society and the World Wildlife Fund, while others promote a vegan diet and an end to factory farming with PETA. No matter how they support, everyone on this list of celebrities who fight for animal rights cares deeply about animal rights and animal welfare.

Who is the most famous person who fights for animal rights? This list has been loosely ranked by fame and popularity with Charlize Theron at the top. The Prometheus actress has worked with PETA to expose the horrible treatment of animals who are raised for their fur. Pamela Anderson is a vegan and has worked with such animal rights organizations as Greenpeace, Hauser Bears, and PETA.

Leonardo DiCaprio sits on the board of several organizations that work to eliminate animal cruelty and prevent extinction including the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Global Green USA, and the World Wildlife Fund. Vegetarian actor Pierce Brosnan has worked for such animal welfare organizations as the Natural Resources Defense Council, Oceana's Ocean Council, and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for which he sits on the advisory board.

Are you surprised that so many celebrities fight for animal welfare? How do you support animal rights? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
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    Charlize Theron has worked with PETA to expose the horrible treatment of animals who are raised for their fur. She says, "If you wouldn't wear your dog... please don't wear any fur."

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    • In 2007, Hayden Panettiere joined a group of activists in Japan to protest the annual slaughter of dolphins. A portion of the event appeared in the documentary The Cove.

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        Olivia Munn has worked with PETA to protest abusive circuses, expose the disturbing practices of the fur industry and raise awareness to the neglect that occurs at marine parks.

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          Vegetarian actor Brad Pitt takes any opportunity to fight for animal rights. When promoting his film Killing Them Softly he said, "Violence is an accepted part of the gangster world. I'd have a harder time playing a racist than some guy who shoots another guy in the face. Ever seen them butcher a cow for hamburger? It's incredibly brutal and violent. We live in a very violent world."

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