36 Famous Celebrities Who Go to Church

Despite their busy schedules, several famous actors, musicians and TV personalities regularly attend church each Sunday. They're regular people too, so it shouldn't be surpirsing that celebrities go to church like the rest of us. The Church of Scientology is a popular location for many well-known stars, but some prefer churches of Christian denominations. Several celebs even make time to go to church while they are on tour, or filming on location. 

Who is the most famous person who goes to church? Kim Kardashian tops our list. Kim Kardashian attends the Life Change Community Church in California. Kim's mother Kris Jenner actually founded the church. Katy Perry was raised by pastor parents, so naturally she regularly attends church. Beyoncé Knowles has been known to make time to stop at local churches wherever she is touring. 

Several famous men also attend church. Prince William has been spotted attending church with his wife Kate Middleton. Joseph Simmons, AKA Rev Run, preaches at churches across the country. Matthew McConaughey reportedly started regularly attending church in Texas after he had kids.

Do you think that regularly attending church helps these famous people in their lives and careers? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY