25 Celebrities Who Became Famous After 40

Not all celebrities found fame and fortune in their twenties or even in their thirties. Several famous actors, authors, and TV personalities became once they were much older. While these celebs may have gotten a late start, many have made the most of their time and gone on to win awards and national or even international fame. These stars all had their big break and became famous after they turned 40.

Who is the most notable person to become famous after age 40? Steve Carell tops this list. Steve Carell was a correspondent on "The Daily Show" from 1999-2005, but he did not become a household name until he landed the lead role on "The Office" at age 43.

Some actresses had their big breaks after 40 as well, one of them on "Desperate Housewives." Which other famous people found celebrity after they were 40? Read through the list below to find out.

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