Celebrities Who Got Off Easy for Crimes They Committed


You might hope that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law, but when it comes to legal justice, there is one group that seems to get off easier than the rest of us. Celebrities may technically be subject to the same rules as civilians, but when they break them, the consequences seem far less severe. 

When a famous person gets arrested, they go through the same booking system that everyone else does - hence, the public collection of infamous celebrity mugshots. The difference comes in court, where it seems wealthy stars can commit crimes and walk away with minimal consequences. In instances when regular people would likely face lost licenses, huge fines, and jail time, celebs seem to get rehab, community service, and anger management courses.

Some famous people who’ve committed serious crimes, like taking the lives of others, have either served largely reduced sentences with special privileges or have done no jail time at all. Here’s a list of celebrities who got off easy for a variety of crimes.