Celebrities Who Actually Got Starstruck

Since they live such glamorous lives, you'd think celebrities would be used to running into other super wealthy, incredibly famous people all the time. Isn't that what award shows and A-list parties are for? Still, not all famous people know each other. And when the stars finally meet their idols, they turn into blundering, stammering fans just like the rest of us.

No matter how famous or successful they might be, there is one celebrity who makes all other stars bow down in complete shock and awe, and her name is Beyoncé. Kevin Hart lost his mind at a Bey concert and Anna Kendrick proclaimed herself the "fangirl of the year" after meeting Queen B. But Beyoncé isn't the only one who can cause and utter fangirl (or fanboy) moment. Britney Spears, Bryan Cranston, and Jim Carrey have all caused speechlessness (and tears) in their fellow celebs. 

Luckily, many of these famous fan moments have been captured on Instagram, Twitter, and even some red carpet videos! Check them out on this list of celebrities who actually got starstruck.