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12 Celebs Who Went Through A Major Goth Phase

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The words "goth" and "celebrity" go together like black lipstick and a smart suit. In other words, it's an unexpected combination. You wouldn't think there would be that much crossover between the mainstream glamor of the ultra-famous and the moody cool of the goth aesthetic. It's not often you see a celeb strut the red carpet in the darkest makeup imaginable and a leather corset. No one's wearing a cape made out of spider webs or sporting gigantic spiked hair - at least not with enough frequency for it to become a trend.

But if you look back at some celebrities' earlier days, you're bound to uncover some edgy, gothy, punk rock wardrobe choices. Some celebs who went through a major goth phase probably won't surprise you - Winona Ryder was known for her "unconventional" appearance - while others will definitely come as a shock. Who knew Ivanka Trump had such a rebellious streak in her youth?

These famous people who used to be goth may have outgrown that phase of their lives, but the memories live on forever.