12 Celebrities Who Had Kids Before They Were Old Enough To Drink

More and more, people are waiting awhile before becoming parents. There are many reasons for this: maybe they're spending time focusing on their careers, or maybe they're just waiting until the time feels right. But the youngest celebrity parents made other plans. There are a number of celebrities who had kids before turning 21. Imagine welcoming a new baby into your life before you can even legally drink!

You might be surprised by some of these famous people who had children young. A few famous teen mothers, like Jamie Lynn Spears, caused quite the stir when they announced they were expecting. Others, like Lil Wayne, weren't in the public eye when they became parents.

None of this is intended to judge these celeb parents. Young parents are a reality, no matter what the social mores of the day might say. For better or worse, it's a topic that fascinates the public – just look at all the reality shows focusing on teen moms and dads. So, if you're of age, do what these celebrities couldn't: raise a glass to their families.