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Celebrities Who've Dared To Say Not-Nice Things About Tom Hanks

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Tom Hanks is often referred to as the nicest man in Hollywood. He's essentially America's husband and no one dares speak ill of him. His sparkly clean image and wholesome family movies have made him someone Americans (and the world) hold near and dear to their ever-so-fragile hearts. It's pretty much socially acceptable to have a picture of Tom Hanks framed on your end table at this point. For all we know, it may be a requirement in some places. He's is just that worthy.

So, how could anyone possibly hate Tom Hanks? It's not a question you've ever considered, let alone dared to ask aloud. But.. is that a thing? Is it even possible? Just letting the words "hate" and "Tom Hanks" slip from your lips feels like a sin.

But be honest with yourself. You f*cking hate his guts. Maybe you're part of the rare minority that harbors a searing spite for the voice of an animated cowboy. Your feelings shouldn't go unacknowledged. Even though it seems like there's no logical reason for the average person to actively and passionately hate the man behind Forrest Gump, the haters are out there. They are actively rooting for Hanks to fail. If you're one of them, you are not alone. All this time, you've felt so isolated.

Can Tom possibly as perfect and awesome as he's duped the world into thinking he is? Hanks has been relatively good at dodging controversy. There have been a few soundbites that caused some drama, but for the most part, Hanks is pure as can be. But those within the industry, those who have actually met Hanks, know him much better. And believe it or not, there are some (albeit few) who secretly hate Hanks.

Who are they? The silent minority. How do we know for certain that they hate Hanks the way you do? Well, there's no true way to tell, but there have been some heavy indicators. The famous people on this list have every reason to dislike Hanks. Maybe he slighted them, maybe he said something a little inflammatory. Either way, these celebrities don't particularly enjoy Hanks's seat on the Hollywood throne. In fact, they are doing everything in their power to overthrow the King of Husbands. Here are the celebrities who don't like Tom Hanks.
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    How could Tom Hanks's own son hate him so? Well, judging by the way Chet Haze constantly rebels against his perfect, all American family, there's got to be some sort of resentment going on. Haze is in the running for douchiest celebrity child, and he's doing a pretty good job if you ask me. Aside from his constant outbursts on Twitter, his terrible use of the n-word, and his various DUIs and car crashes, Hanks's son is just an all around d-bag.

    How anyone could act out against such an all-powerful father like Tom Hanks is beyond me. Hanks's mind control must not work on his own kin. And although Haze hasn't vocally sh*t on his own dad yet, there seem to be some major familial issues between them. But blabbing about your famous father gets you cut from the will, so Haze remains quiet for now, waiting for the the true uprising to begin.
  • Former advisor to the Bush administration and current conservative political pundit Karl Rove isn't doing himself any favors by coming for Hanks. After Hanks made some politically poignant comments comparing the treatment of the Japanese in WWII to the Iraq War, he had Rove fuming (on live television).

    Discussing his HBO series The Pacific, Hanks said: "The Pacific is coming out now, where it represents a war that was of racism and terror. And where it seemed as though the only way to complete one of these battles on one of these small specks of rock in the middle of nowhere was to - I'm sorry - kill them all. And, um, does that sound familiar to what we might be going through today? So it's-- is there anything new under the sun? It seems as if history keeps repeating itself." 

    Rove was jonesing to get in on the action so he took to the closest media outlet to decry Hanks. Hanks is "a wonderful actor, he's a superb director, he's a good storyteller, but he's a conventional Hollywood liberal… He receives his opinions in whatever they drink or smoke or eat out there in southern California in the acting community," Rove shrieked. No word on where Rove gets his opinions, but it's somewhere dark and dreary for certain.

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    Joseph Smith, the founder and leader of Mormonism and the Latter Day Saints, is hardly a "celebrity." But he is most certainly a famous figure to Mormons and in history in general. What could someone who has been dead for almost two centuries have against a man who was born over 100 years after him? Well, Hanks didn't have anything nice to say about the Mormon church. And Smith, who only has nice things to say about the church, doesn't appreciate that.

    Angered by Mormon support of the controversial anti-gay legislation Prop 8, Hanks vilified the supporters. "The truth is a lot of Mormons gave a lot of money to the church to make Prop-8 happen," Hanks said. "There are a lot of people who feel that is un-American, and I am one of them."

    Mormons across America rallied against Hanks, criticizing him for generalizing and calling them "un-American," which they felt was very significant for whatever reason. Hanks ultimately owned up to his comments and apologized. But he did not back down from referring to Prop 8 as "codified discrimination."