50+ Celebrities Who Have Been Stalked

This list of celebrities who have been stalked is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous actors, musicians, and athletes have had their safety jeopardized by scary stalkers. Some of these celebs were harassed online, while others found their stalkers camping out on their doorsteps.

Which celebrities have had stalkers? Who is the most famous person who has been stalked? Rihanna tops this list. In 2013, Jonathan Whooper broke into the home of Rihanna, claiming to be her future husband.

In 2011, an obsessed fan was found living in the home of Pamela Anderson. She recalls the event saying, "One fan snuck into my house, sliced their wrists and then ate all my bread. It's terrible but I am serious! When the police took her, she was even wearing one of my "Baywatch" bathing suits. It was very scary, actually. I was in my house with my children, alone, and this woman had gotten in and was there for a few days."

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