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Jessica Lawshe
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How do celebrities always look so good? Whether they're grabbing coffee, leaving the gym, or just strolling through Beverly Hills, it seems as if they know exactly when they're going to be snapped by the paps. And as this list of celebrities who have contracts with tabloids proves, some of these stars actually do know when those shutters will snap.

Celebrity tabloid contracts are not a modern invention. Paris Hilton might have been one of the first starlets famed for alerting the photogs to where she would be going, but celebrities have been establishing relationships with photographers since the golden age of Hollywood. Before the rise of the paparazzi, studios worked with specific photographers to help craft the image of their up-and-coming movie stars. Luminaries such as Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, and Elizabeth Taylor all relied on professional portraits to make them household names.

Today, the studio system has been supplanted by magazines and websites devoted to "candid" snaps of stars. As the saying goes, any publicity is good publicity, and while celebrities who work with tabloids often claim they hate them – like Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus, to name two – they actually love how a simple photo can keep them in the limelight.

So before you go thinking that your fave celeb just can't take a bad picture, check out this list of celebrities who have tabloid contracts. As you'll see, their perfect images aren't just "Hollywood magic," but more about the right industry connections.
Kim Kardashian is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Celebrities Who Have Contracts with Tabloids
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According to Rolling Stone, "Kim Kardashian routinely tipped off the paps in her early days." see more on Kim Kardashian
Taylor Swift is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Celebrities Who Have Contracts with Tabloids
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As Looper sees it, Taylor Swift often took time following her workouts to "look cute and put-together for the cameras she knew would be waiting outside — the cameras that she likely called ahead of time. If she really wanted privacy, she could work out at home with her own personal trainer — or at least use a back exit." 
see more on Taylor Swift
Britney Spears is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Celebrities Who Have Contracts with Tabloids
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During what Rolling Stone calls the "Great Britney Spears Hunt of 2007, the Normandy of pap history," the pop star "would reportedly call select paps right before moving." see more on Britney Spears
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"Ryan Reynolds is known to have an antagonistic relationship with the paparazzi, but recently he has been 'captured' eating Chobani yogurt, carrying a Burger King bag, smiling at a Nespresso cafe and caressing a Can-Am motorcycle, all in apparently preplanned shots," according to Rolling Stone. Displaying a brand can lead to lucrative endorsements for celebrities. see more on Ryan Reynolds